Setting out for new horizons

Setting out
for new horizons

Embark on an interactive journey through the AGRANA Annual Report 2022|23.

Only those who step off the beaten path will make their mark.

The developments and changes of the last few years have shown us that we are confronted with numerous new challenges. These we are committed to face. In our strategic realignment, we are focusing on the following areas:

Strategic Realignment

Stronger customer and market orientation
We are guided by more than numbers.
We are about people and what they need.

Stronger customer and market orientation

With our innovative products and services, we directly address customers’ needs. By being flexible, engaged and creative, we open up new markets and set trends. This differentiates us from the competition – as does the high quality of our products and services.

Exploiting synergies and setting new standards
To stand out from the rest, you always need to be one step ahead.

Exploiting synergies and setting new standards

By taking advantage of synergistic effects and the Group’s comprehensive expertise, AGRANA is able to develop novel products that raise the bar in product innovation. The new isotonic sports drink with red-beet juice and corn starch, born from a collaboration by the Fruit and Starch segments, illustrates how AGRANA sets milestones of success by melding the capabilities of its different businesses.

Tomorrow’s world of work
A goal that we never lose sight of: Progress through transformation.

Tomorrow’s world of work

Times are changing. Working from home, and hybrid workplace formats, offer us the opportunity to create an environment where livelihood and personal life can be combined in individually suitable ways. With the associated greater individual responsibility, our employees’ motivation also rises. More flexibility brings higher efficiency – and more financial and other success – for AGRANA.

Profitable growth
We don't take the easy route. We choose the path that adds the most value.

Profitable growth

Creating maximum value-added requires a harmonious balance of economic, environmental and social responsibility. This promotes strong growth, top productivity and a continual increase in the value of our company. Sustainable practices thus also lead to sustainable profits and prosperity.

Sustainability at AGRANA
The way forward sometimes leads back.

Sustainability at AGRANA

In November 2022, AGRANA submitted scientifically derived targets for validation to the Science Based Targets initiative to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our own production and from the upstream and downstream value chain, in accordance with the targets of the Paris Agreement on climate. The targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted in the agricultural supply chain demand a return to traditional regenerative farming practices, coupled with the use of innovative agricultural technologies.

Building on a solid foundation, we are well on our way …
… to a successful future.

AGRANA is a strong, innovative and well-positioned company with great potential. We want to build on this as we write the next chapter in AGRANA’s history. A redoubled customer and market orientation, more focus on differentiated value-added products, and the further development of our corporate culture will be important cornerstones of our strategic positioning.

Markus Mühleisen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

AGRANA has amazing employees, characterised by great flexibility. How we work together in an increasingly digitalised world of work will continue to evolve. Maintaining motivation and identification with the company in this environment will be a key to success.

Ingrid-Helen Arnold
Chief Audit Officer (CAO)

Even if volatility in the markets is rising, our aim and mission must be to increase our enterprise value continually and at a significant long-term rate. In addition, we remain committed to a predictable, dependable and transparent dividend policy.

Stephan Büttner
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

To ensure long-term success, it is essential to develop climate-resilient business models across all our segments, combined with achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. We also want to be a role model in meeting high social standards along the whole value chain.

Norbert Harringer
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Big goals remain ahead for us. That's why we continue on our path to success – resolutely and without delay.

Follow us on our way to the future. And open a new chapter with us ...