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At a glance &
Highlights of 2018|19

2018|19 at a glance

  • Revenue: € 2,443.0 million (–4.8%; prior year: € 2,566.3 million)
  • Operating profit (EBIT): € 66.6 million (–65.1%; prior year: € 190.6 million)
  • EBIT margin: 2.7% (prior year: 7.4%)
  • Profit for the period: € 30.4 million (–78.7%; prior year: € 142.6 million)

  • Earnings per share: € 0.411 (–81.7%; prior year: € 2.241)
  • Equity ratio: 59.0% (prior year: 61.7%)
  • Gearing ratio2: 22.9% (prior year: 16.0%)
  • Dividend proposal of € 1.001 per share (dividend in prior year: € 1.1251 per share)

1 After the four-for-one stock split performed in July 2018. The value is thus based on the new number of shares outstanding at 28 February 2019, which was 62,488,976.
2 Debt-equity ratio (ratio of net debt to total equity).

Highlights 2018|19

Number of employees (FTE) 1: 9,230 (+6.4%; prior year: 8,678)

AGRANA opens new fruit preparations plant in Changzhou (China)

New African production site in Algeria

The sustainable AGRANA value chain in 2018|19

1 Average number of full-time equivalents in the reporting period.

AGRANA opens new fruit preparations plant in Changzhou (China) 

Opening ceremony in Changzhou|China

Opening ceremony in Changzhou|China

AGRANA now with three facilities in China

Around € 22 million have been invested in this new facility in Changzhou.

Changzhou is located in Jiangsu province, around 150 km north-west of Shanghai. The plan is to initially employ around 70 personnel at this new site, which will manufacture approximately 30,000 tonnes of fruit preparations, particularly strawberries, blueberries or peaches, for the fruit yoghurt, bakery and ice cream sectors, as well as for food services.

"We are delighted to be opening this new site after just one year of construction work. China is the world’s largest yoghurt market and is growing fast. Their locations mean that our production facilities are in close proximity to major dairy product customers. The construction of a second fruit preparations site in the Shanghai region was therefore a logical investment in order to consolidate our market leadership”, highlighted AGRANA CFO, Stephan Büttner, at the opening ceremony in March 2019.

The Chinese yoghurt market has nearly doubled in the last five years, partly due to the rising demand for yoghurt drinks. According to Euromonitor, the yoghurt market in China is forecast to grow by an average of 7.9% annually until 2023. In 2018, the per capita consumption in China amounted to 6.8 kg per year (Western Europe: 12.5 kg; USA: 5.2 kg).

AGRANA acquires stake in Algerian fruit preparations producer ELAFRUITS SPA (now SPA AGRANA Fruit Algeria) 

New African production site in Algeria

New African production site in Algeria

AGRANA has extended its presence in the African market by acquiring 49% of the shares in ELAFRUITS SPA, an Algerian producer of fruit preparations. Located in Akbou, around 200 km east of Algiers, this company with a workforce of around 100 employees generated revenues of approximately EUR 7 million in its 2017 financial year.

Besides producing standard fruit preparations for yoghurts and ice creams, ELAFRUITS SPA also makes fruit purées and bases for the beverage industry. Algeria is a strategically important market for AGRANA and has the highest per capita consumption of fruit preparations for yoghurts in the region.

“This acquisition is another move to consolidate our leading global position in fruit preparations. The existing product portfolio and the option of expanding our production capacity close to major customers will accelerate AGRANA’s growth in North Africa,” explains AGRANA CEO Johann Marihart.

The sustainable AGRANA value chain1 in 2018|19

Sustainability targets of the AGRANA business segments

Fruit segment

Fruit preparations business 

In the 2018|19 financial year the fruit preparations business launched a revision of its business strategy for the period to 2025. Sustainable management, including social aspects such as diversity, is to form a major, integral part of the strategy. Specific goals and targets will be published in the 2019|20 financial year.

Fruit juice concentrate business

2030 target in the supply chain
100% sustainable sourcing as defined by the Sustainable Juice Covenant

2020|21 energy and environmental targets
Total energy use of 3.43 GJ/tonne
Water use of 4.21 m3/tonne

Starch segment

2020|21 energy and environmental targets
Target of cumulative savings of 65 GWh through efficiency measures in plants is already achieved, with savings of 76 GWh to date

Sugar segment

2020|21 energy and environmental targets
Direct energy use of 2.49 GJ/tonne
Water use of 1.92 m3/tonne

The attainability of these targets is primarily determined by the quantity and quality of raw materials available. 

Workplace safety targets of the AGRANA Group1

see page 87 of the printed Annual Report (PDF-version)

1 Within the GRI reporting boundaries.